Early Access launches in 2024 to PC. Xbox Series X|S & Playstation 5 in 2025

On a forest excursion you suddenly fall down to a cave and faint. When you wake up, you are back 500 years in time. Do you want to settle down, or do you want to search for a way back?

Two Coins is a time-traveling action adventure. You play as Richard, a guy with a completely normal life. He finds a magazine about forests and wilderness at work and is inspired to go on a forest trip.

«Richard walks for a while before it gets dark. Suddenly he falls into a cave and faints. When he wakes up he is confused and trying to find his way home again. Things seem different now. Very different.»

This is a single-player game where you can switch between first person or third person perspective. Survive by hunting, eating and drinking. Do tasks for people, contribute to the village, and even build your own temporary home. Perhaps the most important thing is to try to find the way back to the present again. If it’s even possible?

  • Genre: Action, Survival, Time-Travel, Creative Construction Mode
  • Platform: Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 5 & PC
  • Release: Early Access in 2024 (PC)
  • Early Access: $20 (USD)